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We go beyond the surface to unearth all of the possible consequences of a big corporation’s negative impact on farmers. In every stage of representation we work hard to maximize recovery for our clients. From work-up and pre-trial practice through trial or settlement, we fight to win and negotiate more money for those we represent.

Our attorneys are known to go the extra mile, literally. We travel all across the United States to sit down with clients in their homes or at a nearby coffee shop. We believe the only way to accurately represent our clients is to truly understand their concerns and the extent of their injuries.

Our roots are in agriculture and our attorneys are skilled in getting compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Martin Phipps, who grew up in rural Arkansas, took the lead in representing farmers in 1,500 cases filed against Bayer CropScience for contaminating rice crops. Thanks in part to his team’s knowledge of the impact land damage has on farmers, they brought in some of the highest per-acre settlement amounts in individually tried cases.


Our team believes these individual cases assisted the bargaining power for farmers involved in a concurrent multi-district litigation. After those individual-case negotiations and verdicts, Bayer settled remaining cases to the tone of $750 million.

While these awards are particular to a set of loses, they indicate our commitment to clients and determination to prevail. Every case is different and must be evaluated on its own facts. Whatever the case may be we give our all to help clients get what they are owed.

We’re looking to the future.

Today, the attorneys of Phipps LLP are known nationwide for vigorously pursuing legal rights of farmers and other small businessmen in litigation against major corporations.

As Phipps LLP grows in size and reputation, our successes will multiply, but our commitment to our clients will remain the same. We’ll continue to meet personally with our clients and thoroughly research their cases to give them the edge at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

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