First Party Insurance Claims

Every year, home and business owners suffer from storm damages that cause billions of dollars nationwide. Just when you think your covered, insurance companies find new ways to deny, stall, or underpay perfectly valid claims.

Most insurance companies advertise to be there for you in your time of need. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case; a lot of insurance companies tend to place their own interest ahead of yours. They do so by hiring and training agents to figure out numerous ways to wrongfully deny your claim, lengthen the process, or offer you less money than you deserve. Unless you, the policyholder, hold insurance companies accountable, nothing will ever change.


The attorneys at Phipps LLP are highly skilled at handling all kinds of first party insurance claims. From hurricane, hail, windstorm, or tornado damage – our attorneys and team of experts will examine your policy and determine your claim. Our law firm will handle your case at no cost. We only recover fees when you consent us to settle with your insurer at an amount that you deserve.

Our trial lawyers have gone toe-to-toe against the largest insurance companies in the country. At Phipps LLP, we employ highly skilled associates, many who were previously employed by these insurers and know how the system works. Our team can prevent your insurance carrier from wrongfully denying you the benefits due under your policy. We have a dedicated team of associates that practice exclusively in this field and are familiar with the tactics insurance companies tend to employ. Call us today at 210-340-9877 to speak with an attorney.

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