We Represent Municipalities

We understand the business of city government and have years of experience defending municipalities against insurance companies.

Phipps LLP understands the business of city government and has years of experience defending municipalities against insurance companies. There’s a common thread amongst small towns and municipalities: they almost always have hardworking and dedicated individuals who are committed to their city and the residents they serve. The challenge is that most of the time, civil servants also have limited resources and budgets, which means insurance companies can often find loop-holes or other administrative excuses to deny, delay or underpay claims for property damage resulting from hail and wind storms. The claims process can be tedious and filled with administrative and reporting challenges which often hamper municipalities from being able to file timely. If your municipality is struggling to receive fair compensation from storm damage or other damage, contact the Phipps LLP team today.

When the stakes are high, contact Phipps LLP to defend your municipality, city government or town.  Insurance companies have powerful legal teams on their side, make sure you’ve got the Phipps LLP team in your corner.

We have broad experience in These areas:

City Councils and Local Governments

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County Offices

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Public institutions and local government are often underserved and overlooked. We recognize that these entities often have complex legal needs and deserve equally great legal representation.